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Yorkshire Tea in hot water over tweet?

I sit down and spill the tea.

1y ago

The internet is a funny place full of amusing videos of cats, a place where you can buy other peoples old things, another where you can buy everything from A-Z and social media. And social media in its own way is an odd concept. It allows you to get in touch with anyone and everyone who has a computer or a phone and either praise their haircut or simply hurl abuse at them. And sadly the latter is more common, and Twitter is a hub for that sort of thing. It turns out people don't like hurling abuse at people, but will happily have a go at companies too. Even if they've done nothing wrong. What follows is the story of Yorkshire Tea and of late, a lady called Sue.

So Jesse, what's going down?

Well, on Friday a man called Rishi Sunak made a cup of tea at work and posted a picture of that act on the internet. Relatively normal and harmless so far? Well, the problem, here is that Mr Sunak is the Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP for Richmond, Yorkshire.

So an MP made a cup of tea? Your point is?

Well some people out there, or 56.4% of people in the UK didn't vote for the government that is currently in power. And some of those people like to make their feelings and political stance known on the internet. And when they saw that there tweet, they clumped Yorkshire Tea and a political party they didn't vote for together and just threw hate at that clump.

So people are now hating on a tea company because they saw a politician use it?

Yes. People started angrily messaging and tweeting Yorkshire Tea because someone working low down in government saw that they were nearly out of teabags, nipped to the shops, spotted the 1040 mega sack of tea bags and figured that was a good deal, bought it and popped it in the kitchen at Number 10. Below follows a small selection of those tweets, chosen for cleanliness.

Leap to conclusions much?

Those are some of the rather more genteel tweets posted in reply to Mr Sunak's tweet and indeed to Yorkshire Tea. But there was a lot of hate thrown at Yorkshire Tea for this, with people opting to boycott the brand! If you want to, feel free to go and find those source tweets and just trawl through the replies. And what you need to remember is that there's a person who ends up reading those tweets.

And I wish that this would all end here. Yorkshire Tea laid it all out, but that still didn't seem to stop the hate. And one lady called Sue really got in on the action. So much that that it spawned an entertaining hashtag; #sueyoureshoutingattea. Brace yourself.

So clearly what's happened here is that Sue has misread the initial tweet, and instead of apologising, she doubles down.

As politically disgruntled as Sue is, she spent nearly 10 minutes ranting at tea. And all that accomplished is people asking for merch with "Sue, you're shouting at tea" on it. Because internet?

So that's it? I can buy Yorkshire Tea without being hated on?

Yes. Buy whatever tea you want, whatever tea you like, but remember that there are people on the end of businesses' social medias and wading through a barrage of hate is exhausting and demoralising.

What about crisps? Can I still like crisps?

*smashes head into laptop, screams into the void and curls up under desk rocking silently*

Without wishing to sound like an absolute millennial, but I can't even with the internet anymore.

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Comments (22)

  • That sums up the whole saga very nicely πŸ˜‚

      1 year ago
  • Dear goodness. Ok, it makes ME want to buy Yorkshire Tea. I’m so tired of people politicizing EVERYTHING. It’s just tea. If you want to find something to yell at, fuss at the people who adulterate tea, or those who gouge the price while underpaying the producers!!! Some people just enjoy being mad.

      1 year ago
  • I sometimes have to deal with people like this at work, and they are the exact reason why 'do not drink' is written on the side of paint tins/bleach bottles, etc.

      1 year ago
  • Just heard from my grape vine that DT(Donald) has a packet of Jaffa cakes every day.....

      1 year ago
  • Kill Twitter. It was an interesting thought, but Humankind has ruined it.

    Some might say that Twitter in fact encourages mental health: the opportunity for people to be able to vent without, you know, actual physical engagement. But since Twitter causes whole sections of the population to act, often badly, just kill it.

      1 year ago