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You can now buy Gemma Collins chocolate

The reality star has decided to launch the product in time for the broadcast of her latest TV show

1y ago

When you have an inescapable desire for soft, sweet chocolate, what is your go-to option?

You could choose something cheap and cheerful from a supermarket, or venture to the depths of the Internet to find some exuberant creation made from the finest luxury ingredients. Maybe you could melt down those millions of spare Easter eggs you still have and make some cornflake cakes.

There are literally thousands of ways for you to enjoy eating chocolate – and now there’s another one that you never even knew you wanted: a Gemma Collins chocolate bar.

Yes, famed for featuring on high-quality television shows such as The Only Way Is Essex, Collins has decided that sharing her loud and unnecessary thoughts with the country is not enough – she wants to enter our stomachs too.

Fortunately, there is no suggestion that Collins herself will actually be manufacturing the chocolate bar (it’s hard to imagine the alleged Queen of Essex traipsing through deepest Africa, harvesting cocoa beans); nor, surprisingly, does there appear to be an orange flavour. Instead, the bar is being sold by Cocoa+ in the inspiring flavour of milk chocolate.

Although clearly a publicity stunt for the TV personality and the chocolate company, the product – dubbed “GC Chocolate” – is UK made using the finest Swiss chocolate, so quality might actually be assured. Plus, Cocoa+ will make a donation of chocolate to the NHS for every purchase of Collins’ bar.

Online reaction has been predictable:

Despite the expected social media excitement, Collins’ expertise in reality doesn’t trickle through to the price: six bars cost a massive £12.49, whereas twelve bars can be bought for a relatively bargain price of £19.99.

Not the cheapest of chocolate, then. However, it’s certainly original, which means it will likely work well as a gift for Gemma Collins’ millions of apparent fans.

Personally, I’m still holding out hope for the Jeremy Clarkson chocolate bar: rubbery, burnt and filled with dynamite.

What’s the most expensive chocolate you’ve ever bought?

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