You can now buy vodka made from thin air

Getting you drunk and saving the environment

36w ago

It seems everything is bad for the environment, even the things you would never have really thought about. You're tipple at the weekend, for example.

We all want to do our bit to help the environment and, in most cases, that means giving things up. Not so with booze as New York based company, AirCo, claims to have made the first carbon negative drink.

How you might ask? With three things - air, water, and the sun!

Solar energy is used to split water, which you might know to be H2O, into its component parts, hydrogen and oxygen, in a similar process to how plants use water. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere and the hydrogen is kept and stored. It's then combined with CO2 from the air around us to form ethanol and water. This is then distilled to remove the water.

Their vodka is purer than that formed by traditional methods because rather than relying on yeast breaking down larger molecules to give alcohol and other byproducts, they are building up the alcohol from only the molecules needed.

Because the technology is so efficient, they are able to fit into a tiny space, relative to other distilleries. This has allowed them to be based in New York, with the city providing all the CO2 they could need.

This is the first in what they hope will be a long line of sustainable products, with co-founder and CEO, Gregory Constantine, saying “While our technology and vodka brings us closer to a more sustainable world, we really envision it being only one of many that help, not harm our planet. Our long-term goal is to develop our brand products in each category where we see an opportunity to disrupt the existing infrastructure.”

As it happens, much like many other alcohol producers, they have switched their entire production to hand sanitizer to donate around the city. Once the pandemic is over though, they will be pushing ahead with things like cleaning products and fragrances.

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