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You can now reserve shopping time slots at the grocery store via OpenTable

It's an effort to help manage crowds at grocery stores

1y ago

The food and restaurant industry has done a lot of switching gears in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis. OpenTable is the latest to join the list of pivoters: the restaurant reservation app is now allowing customers to reserve slots for grocery shopping.

With physical distancing measures in place in stores, it can mean long lines when you go to get your groceries. OpenTable has launched a new reservation service to help manage overcrowding and long lines.

So you’ll now be able to log on and plan your grocery trips, reserving shopping times in advance, or even joining a wait-list at the door.

Right now it’s mostly available at specialty grocery stores and restaurants with pop-up markets (many restaurants are pivoting to sell their pantry items). OpenTable’s new feature is free for both operators and consumers.

According to Food and Wine, Joseph Essas, OpenTable’s chief technology officer said, “In essence, we’ve rolled out the same reservation technology that nearly 60,000 restaurants have implemented and more than 31 million monthly diners use and love to retailers small and large. With this, shoppers can reserve a time slot at either their local restaurant that has converted into a storefront or a local grocery store—avoiding long lines and the health risks associated with overcrowded public spaces.”

So far the new scheme has been adopted on the West Coast, including Belcampo in both ​Oakland​ and ​Santa Monica​, G​wen Butcher Shop & Restaurant​ in Los Angeles, ​PRAIRIE​ in San Francisco, and T​esse Restaurant​ in LA, and ​The Epicurean Trader​ in San Francisco.

OpenTable hopes more restaurants and stores will sign up in the next few weeks.

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  • If I could reserve shopping time I would. Definitely!

      1 year ago