You can tell time… by wearing a vegetable on your wrist

Gotta love Swatch

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Swatch has released, on average, a new watch every five days, every week since 1983. Imagine that. Some of these timepieces were manufactured to be actually worn and used, while other models were designed to be collectible and quirky pieces. That’s certainly the case here.

In 1991, Swatch hired Austrian artist Alfred Hofkunst to design a trio of ‘Vegetable’ watches called One More Time (sometimes dubbed ‘Swatchtables’ or ‘Verdura’, Italian for vegetables) for their Pop Art collection. And the collection is exactly what you think it is.

The original press release read: “Sculptural, shapely and unexpected, the artist’s three creations for Swatch are small-scale works of Pop Art. Hofkunst set the classic watch format aside and instead fashioned organic, eye-tricking, sculptural watches that look as if they are made out of food.”

The collection consists of a cucumber (Guhrke, ref PWZ100), a red pepper (Verduhra, ref PWZ101) and a sunny side up egg with a slice of bacon (Bonjuhr, ref PWZ102). In traditional Swatch style, they’ve added an extra ‘h’ in each name for no particular reason. LOL.

Each piece was limited to 9,999 units and powered by an ETA-based quartz movement. Not that it matters, let’s be honest.

They’re unsurprisingly popular with Swatch collectors, and quite rare. A full set with all three watches usually sells for €3-400.

This is why I love Swatch. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

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