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You need this $20 cheese flight in your life

Five delicious cheeses for $19.99: it's a done deal

2y ago

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for folks: everyone’s fave cheese flight is back in stores. Well, select stores, anyway.

Costco are bringing back their insanely popular cheese selection - just in time for the holiday season and coming in at a cool 20 bucks.

That’s right: for just 20 of your hard-earned dollars, you can jazz up any party (or just a random Tuesday night) with a whole bunch of delicious dairy goodness.

But don’t hang around, these Costco classics have gone like hotcakes when they were on sale in previous years. The wholesale food store has also thrown some recommendations for wine and beer pairings on the back of each package - aren’t they good to us?

So let’s get to the good stuff: what exactly are we dealing with on these flights? In this new version (it’s been updated since summer), you’ll get a firm, nutty Monteau Alpine cow’s milk cheese from Yellow Door Creamery, and an Italian truffled sheep cheese. There’s also the tangy Cabot Clothbound Mature Bandage Cheddar from Jasper Hill Farm, a fruity Spanish red wine-infused goat cheese made by El Pastor and a Tuscan Fontina cow-milk cheese.

That’s five tasty cheeses - enough for 15 to 20 people - for $19.99. Grab some wine, crackers, charcuterie and maybe a drizzle of honey, and you’ve got yourself a party.

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  • Costco! I need to add THAT into my series on 'Murrica. The Biggest Foods for the Lowest Prices. This cheese flight would most certainly qualify...but you got there first!

    9/10 Would eat.

      2 years ago
    • want to read that series! Costco would definitely have to feature =)

        2 years ago