You need to get some of these Bottled Cocktail Co drinks in for Christmas

Or give them away as presents... or just treat yourself

8w ago

We don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like we might be allowed to actually see people in the same house this Christmas.

That in itself is cause for a big celebration, right?

As much as we love spending ages setting up a bar in the kitchen, and mixing up a load of cocktails, this year, honestly, we’d rather spend the time hanging out with our nearest and dearest.

But of course, we still want the good stuff to drink.

Cue, The Bottled Cocktail Company. It’s recently launched a range of classic cocktails – with a twist – served in pretty blimmin’ gorgeous bottles.

The company was set up by Keivan Nemati, who has experience in the worlds of perfumery and the culinary arts. He started as a bartender in 2009 and quickly moved into management role, running and assessing the operations of some of London's best cocktail bars.

Bottled Cocktail Company's mission is: bring consumers a true mixology experience, with the quality and creativity of a bar, in the comfort of their own home.

The initial range is made up of cocktails that are bartender classics: Silver Fir Negroni, El Presidente, Dry Gin Martini, Elderflower High Ball, Old Fashioned, and Passionfruit Spritz, with more joining the range soon.

We've been sipping on an El Presidente: Aged Rum, Sweet Vermouth, Triple Sec & Pomegranate, and can confirm, it's delicious. There's a lot going on, with layers of flavours coming at you from all angles. It's a little sweet, but with mellow spiciness, honey, and red fruits.

All the drinks are bottled at sipping strength, so depending on what you’ve got, drink it straight up, from the freezer, or stirred over ice.

“About 80% of a human's perception of flavour actually comes from the sense of smell,” Nemati said. “We create our own aromatic essences and tinctures to tweak the flavour profile of classic cocktails. It opens up a world of possibility in terms of flavour combinations and manipulation, while at the same time keeping their integrity in terms of structure.”

And how gorgeous is the packaging? The geometric patterns on the labels represent and embody the flavour and concept of each drink.

You can get your hands on a bottle (or three) at, plus Drinkinbible, Sip & Share, Wildsip, Indy Cellar, and Not On The High Street (coming soon) with an RRP of £36.00.

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