You need to know: Quiz – W​hat type of potato dish are you?

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You think of yourself as a portion of fries — cool, tasty and popular — but is it time to admit you're personality is more closely matched to a mound of humble mash? Take our spud-loving quiz, AKA the potato quiz to end all potato quizzes, and get to the ROOT of this quandary.

W​here do you meet friends for a bite to eat?

  • S​omewhere quick and easy
  • One of us will cook at home
  • A fancy bistro as a treat
  • A​ traditional pub
  • A​ trendy food market

W​hat's your potato on the side of?

  • G​rilled eggplant
  • S​ausages
  • A cheese burger
  • F​ilet Mignon
  • T​urkey

W​here is your ideal holiday destination?

  • Paris, France
  • T​exas, USA
  • L​ondon, UK
  • A​ny English seaside town
  • Sydney, Australia

W​hat's your favourite season?

  • W​inter
  • S​pring
  • S​ummer
  • A​utumn
  • The festive season

W​hat's your favourite film genre?

  • Art house with subtitles
  • 1980's nostalgia
  • C​hristmas films
  • C​lassic horror
  • American musicals

Let's talk fashion – what's your go to clothing item?

  • L​eather jacket
  • B​arbour jacket
  • B​eret
  • P​laid shirt
  • H​oodie

You win the lottery, what would you spend out on first?

  • Presents for my family and friends
  • A​round the world plane ticket
  • J​ewellery or a private jet, natch
  • A​ donation to charity
  • A​ big party!

W​hat word best describes you?

  • P​opular
  • G​rounded
  • Q​uirky
  • C​lassy
  • People pleaser

H​ow do you take your coffee?

  • F​lat and white
  • A dash of oat milk
  • Full cream
  • On the beach
  • A​ splash of rum

H​ow do you like to throw a party?

  • A​n intimate gathering with close friends
  • M​assive! The more the merrier!
  • A​ chic cocktail party
  • W​arehouse rave!
  • F​ast and fun

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