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You'll Need To Be An Athlete To Eat Oreo's New Olympic Cookies

Oreo's brand new creation is arriving just in time for Tokyo 2020.

1y ago

It truly is incredibly how Oreo has never lost the love of the world – although not particularly surprising when you consider the range of inspiration that they keep giving us.

Recently, it was a tiramisu edition of the popular biscuit, but now they’ve announced something possibly even better: Team USA cookies.

With athletes heading to Tokyo in June for the 2020 summer Olympics to fight for as many gold medals as possible (after all, they’re the only ones worth winning – who wants a grey and sad second place medal?), it’s only fitting that a winner in the world of chocolate should create something to support them.

According to Today.com, every biscuit will feature three layers of thick cream sandwiched between two signature Oreo biscuit bases – which themselves will be slightly different from the typical design, featuring stencils of the US flag and Olympic Rings.

Each creamy segment will showcase a different colour of the American flag (red at the top, white in the middle and blue at the bottom), which – although they will all share the same flavour – is undeniably a superb way to give the whole team a patriotic boost.

All we can now hope is that the athletes don’t consume twenty packets each in the days before the competition starts. Nineteen packs, however, would of course be a perfectly sensible amount. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for anything they can’t eat.

Will you be supporting Olympians by buying these special cookies?

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