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You'll soon be able to buy a SLICE of Frank's RedHot sauce for your burgers

Yes, slices of sauce... it's the future!

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Let's be honest, condiments and sauces either make or break a burger. Regardless of your choice, we've all had burgers spoiled by soggy sauce, or shirts ruined by sauce shooting out of your food.

Well, those scenarios may soon be a thing of the past thanks to "Slice of Sauce" - a new company that has built themselves up from humble Kickstarter roots to securing a $200,000 investment on Shark Tank courtesy of Alex Rodriguez.

Now, they're expanding their range from Ketchup and Sriracha to include name-brand hot sauce slices, including Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne and Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce.

Slice Of Sauce

Slice Of Sauce

Both of these flavours are official collaborations with the big brands themselves, and are sold in eight-slice packs for $5.99.

Speaking to Food and Wine, Slice of Sauce founders Emily and Cole Williams said "We had always dreamed of collaborating with existing sauces to share familiar flavours in a new form. These two brands are some of our absolute favourites so we used some good old fashioned networking, hard work, and collaboration to develop the relationships."

For now, the sliced sauces will only be sold online, though that's certainly not slowing down Emily and Cole: "We are really excited about our e-commerce platform so we will focus our efforts there for the next few months but we are speaking to several stores. We're not sure what the future holds but it certainly looks bright."

So, if you're looking to switch up your condiment game, visit www.sliceofsauce.com.

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  • I'm a bit dubious about what they use to make a normally pourable sauce keep it slice shape? I mean, it's one thing to think outside the box, but to fix a problem that doesn't exist? Hmmmm... Novelty I guess?

      1 month ago
  • Just keep a bottle handy

      1 month ago