You'll soon be able to charge your car at McDonald's restaurants

The idea is intended to make using electric vehicles more convenient.

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Despite the relentless protests of Jeremy Clarkson, the creeping spread of electric vehicles continues; as a result, we are surely only a few short years away from travelling to work on a flying, supersonic bus. Fully masked-up, of course.

One of the key concerns about electric cars – apart from questions about how clean and ethical the source of the electricity actually is – focuses on how reliable the batteries are and how long they take to charge (with the most common charging time seeming to be about three years, which is inconvenient if you’ve just popped to the shop to queue to get a pint of milk and an avocado).

Aside from making the cars cheaper to buy, investment in infrastructure is vital to ensure the practicality of electric vehicles. As such – with no shortage of surplus dosh – McDonald’s has rolled in with a useful option to improving the vehicles’ efficiency.

Since there are about ten McDonald’s restaurants on every single street in the UK, Ronald McDonald and his chums have chosen to introduce electric car charging ports at hundreds of its locations across the country. Teaming up with InstaVolt (a company that specialises in electric vehicle charging points), McDonald’s hopes that the plan will allow its customers to charge their cars up to 80% in less than twenty minutes – which, while you’re sat playing with your Happy Meal toy and wondering whether to buy ten McFlurrys, is a rather convenient set up.

According to research conducted by McDonald’s, more than 50% of people have reservations about investing in an electric car precisely because of a lack of a suitable charging network. However, two-thirds of the participants stated that they may change their minds if the infrastructure situation improved.

The UK government plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2035, so McDonald’s actions go some way to raising awareness of and providing a realistic solution to a complex problem.

How do you feel about buying an electric car?

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