Your favourite chocolate, but as a pie. It's extra and it's indulgent...

A recipe for when you want a little something extra from your afternoon snack

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You know how it is when you've had an early lunch and it's hours till dinner, but you're peckish and need a little something to keep you going? We've all been there. What better to tide you over than the quaint old biscuit?

A quaint old biscuit... made into a pie, that's what.

The inspiration for this came from having a tonne of leftover filo pastry which, I appreciate, is not something everyone is going to be able to relate to. But I urge you to get your hands on some, because it transforms anything into an absolute treat.

So, that afternoon snack we're craving. A rummage in the biscuits revealed a couple of Twixes, also known as King of Biscuits. Then the lightbulb moment of realising I had pastry that needed using, and I had already cut into convenient little squares...a plan was born.

You can select your own 'King of Biscuits' for this. I am positive a Mars bar or a Galaxy Caramel would be amazing, but this was quite the unexpected afternoon luxury...

Twix pie

It's a bit extravagant, it's a bit extra, and that's ok



  • 1 Twix per person (or substitute for any other snack type bar)
  • Spray oil
  • Shop-bought filo pastry cut into squares, about 8x8 inches
  • Sugar, if you like


  1. Spray a thin mist of oil onto a baking tray.
  2. Place one filo square onto the oil and give that a couple of sprays.
  3. Place another filo square onto that, at an angle, so it starts to look spiked at the edges. Mist this with oil too.
  4. Repeat with as much pastry as you like!
  5. Half your chocolate bar and stack it, one half on top of the other, on the pastry pile.
  6. Mist with oil and place another pastry square on top, tucking it in round the sides, then oil that too.
  7. Take all the spiked edges of pastry and bring them together at the top, like a parcel.
  8. One more mist of oil, for luck, and sprinkle some sugar if you like it super sweet.
  9. Bake at 160 for around 12 mins or until the pastry is going golden.
  10. Leave to cool, particularly if there is caramel in the pie as that will be like a nuclear reactor for about 10 minutes.

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