Your favourite chocolate, but as a pie. It's extra and it's indulgent...

A recipe for when you want a little something extra from your afternoon snack

32w ago

You know how it is when you've had an early lunch and it's hours till dinner, but you're peckish and need a little something to keep you going? We've all been there. What better to tide you over than the quaint old biscuit?

A quaint old biscuit... made into a pie, that's what.

The inspiration for this came from having a tonne of leftover filo pastry which, I appreciate, is not something everyone is going to be able to relate to. But I urge you to get your hands on some, because it transforms anything into an absolute treat.

So, that afternoon snack we're craving. A rummage in the biscuits revealed a couple of Twixes, also known as King of Biscuits. Then the lightbulb moment of realising I had pastry that needed using, and I had already cut into convenient little squares...a plan was born.

You can select your own 'King of Biscuits' for this. I am positive a Mars bar or a Galaxy Caramel would be amazing, but this was quite the unexpected afternoon luxury...

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