Your one-stop shop for a delicious 4th of July: Mr. Q's Grilling Marinade

Sometimes, sauces are more than just sauces; they’re trusty store cupboard staples

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Sometimes, sauces are more than just sauces; they’re trusty store cupboard staples, always really to be called upon in times of need. And, as every BBQ aficionado knows, if there's any time when we all need a signature sauce to see us through, it's the Fourth of July.

Got a gathering planned for this weekend? Looking for a sauce that can do it all, from marinating to glazing, grilling and more? Then we think we’ve found your perfect partner – one that will be there for you through thick and thin, whatever meat or veggies you’ve got on the menu. Say hello to Mr. Q’s Grilling Marinade...

Developed by grill maestro Dave Quisumbing’s late mother – a true culinary expert – Mr. Q’s Garlicky Sweet Marinade is a Filipino barbecue sauce that packs a serious hit of sun-soaked flavor to pork, chicken, steak, fish, vegetables… you name it, Mr. Q’s can do it.

A savory blend with a garlicky punch and a hint of soy, this gluten-free wonder sauce is all you need to transform your Fourth of July fiesta from tasteless to tantalising. And the best part? You don’t have to be a dab hand in the kitchen to get great results.

Want the lowdown on how to use Mr. Q’s to upgrade your BBQ? Just follow our guide.


Mr. Q’s advice for foolproof flavorful meats and veggies? It’s simple: make sure you marinate before cooking. Use ¼ cup of Mr. Q’s Grilling Marinade for every pound of meat for the best results.

Once your meats (or veggies) are coated in the sauce, you’ll need to leave them to absorb the tasty Filipino flavor for at least three hours. If you can leave them overnight, even better – because when it comes to giving your meat delicious flavor, it pays to be prepared.

Top tip: don’t dilute the marinade with water when coating your meat, or it’ll ruin the taste. The secret formula has been specially developed to work exactly as it is, so don’t be tempted to play around with it. Remember: Mr. Q’s mother knows best.


Got your marinated meat ready? Then half the work is already done…

To grill your meat using Mr. Q’s Marinade, you’ll need to make yourself a basting sauce. Good news is, it’s really simple to do: just grab a bottle of lemon lime flavored soda. Mix a 3:1 ratio of Mr. Q’s Marinade and the soda, and hey presto – your basting sauce is ready.

To amp up the flavor of your meat as you grill, brush it at least three times on each side with the basting sauce.

If you don’t have any lemon lime soda, just use the leftover marinade sitting in your ziplock or Tupperware and brush with that. Add a little more Mr. Q’s if it’s too runny; you want to aim for a ketchup-like consistency.

Stove top

It may be a grilling marinade, but you can use Mr. Q’s to flavor your food on the stove top, too. Just like with grilling, you’ll need to make sure you marinate your meat or veggies first (it’s the golden rule).

To cook the meat or vegetables on the stove top, place them in a skillet or pan on a medium high heat and cook until ¾ done. At this stage, add in your Mr. Q’s Marinade and allow the sauce to caramelize for maximum sweet garlicky flavour.

Finish cooking your food all of the way through until the outside is slightly charred. Using tongs, move your meat or vegetables around the pan to soak up the most sauce and flavour possible. Mouth watering yet?


Want to broil with your Mr. Q? Easy. First up, lay a sheet of tin foil over a baking tray (trust us, this will make cleaning up afterward so much easier).

Take your marinated meat and broil at high for 10-15 minutes (4-6 inches away from the heat source on each side), flipping it halfway through. To broil like a pro, follow Mr. Q’s temperature guide:

Chicken: 165℉

Pork: 145-155℉


Rare: 115-120℉

Medium rare: 120-125℉

Medium: 130-135℉

Medium well: 140-145℉

Well done: 150-155℉

For best results when broiling, brush on a little more Mr. Q’s Marinade when you flip the meat. Once the outside is slightly charred, it’s ready to be served.

Top tip: for thicker cuts of meat, or if your meat has a thicker layer of skin, Mr. Q recommends baking it at 425℉ for fifteen minutes first. Then, set your oven to broil and flip every three minutes (adding extra Mr. Q’s Marinade each time).

Want even more Mr. Q’s Garlicky Sweet Grilling Marinade inspiration? Check out our recipes for BBQ meat sticks and broiled salmon below.

Find out more about Mr. Q's Garlicky Sweet Grilling Marinade.

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