You're going out to dinner. What is the best food and drinks combo?

36w ago
- Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

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  • Right.

    Oysters Kirkpatrick for entree, a chicken parmigania for main with a white wine, and tiramisu for dessert with a small dessert wine.

      8 months ago
    • I have an issue with part of that but I’ll let you off as I would say it works

        8 months ago
    • You could always eat the bacon bits and leave the oysters.

        8 months ago
  • Pizza Express and a bottle of Peroni with our author Ben and his brother Dom. Simple food and the best company.

      8 months ago
  • Option A

    Paneer tikka as a starter

    Butter chicken and butter nan for mains

    Followed by malai kulfi

    Had with beer or a glass of red

    Option B

    Persian kebabs with buttered rice and cold coke

      8 months ago
  • Ramen and cold fresh beer:)

      8 months ago
  • Think I'm going to go a juicy ribeye steak, thrice cooked chips (yes, chips , not fries), veg/salad side and peppercorn sauce. All that with a nice large glass of Malbec on the side. Beautiful.

      8 months ago
    • I'm okay with THEM being called chips - just don't give me any 'crisps' nonsense. Anyway you're forgiven of anything because that's a stunning spread.

        8 months ago