YouTuber JackSepticEye launches his own coffee company, and takes a break

He's donating at least 10,000 meals for the first 10,000 orders

45w ago

Sean McLoughlin, better known as JackSepticEye, recently released his own coffee brand, 'Top of the Mornin'', which ships worldwide.

However, as most of us know, overseas shipping can be pretty expensive, so do keep that in mind if you're going to order a bag.

Due to the huge demand from his 24.3m subscribers, 'Top of the Mornin'' coffee is currently only available to preorder. All stock has sold out, except the t-shirt, and it's expected the coffee and cold brew will take five weeks to ship.

Sean has teamed up with Feya Foundation, a non-profit organization combating world hunger. One order equals one meal that can feed up to six people, and he is doing this for the first 10,000 orders.

Sean is known for his charity streams, raising money for several causes including a COVID-19 fund, which I had the opportunity to participate in. That stream raised over £300,000. It is amazing how one person can bring together so many people to raise money for charity.

I plan on ordering a couple of bags of coffee soon. Will you be ordering any?

The YouTube star also announced he's taking a break from his channel to focus on his mental health. In his latest video, he explained he'll be away for 'at least a month'.

He said, 'My mental health is just kind of all over the place. It’s not bad, I’m not in some sort of dark, deep whole or anything, my brain is just kind of exhausted from uploading all the time and seeing what’s going on and interacting with the internet in the way I have been.’

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Comments (17)

  • I used to watch Jacksepticeye a LOT a few years ago, definitely going back to check this out!

      10 months ago
  • Such a great initiative! 😁

      10 months ago
    • He does raise money for a lot of different causes. If you are into video games he is pretty entertaining to watch. Im sure it can be entertaining even if you're not into video

        10 months ago
  • My son preordered a bag of the Midnight Oil blend and it arrived a few days ago. Good stuff. He normally has cream and sugar or a flavored creamer but he likes this black.

      10 months ago
    • Awesome! I haven't gotten around to ordering. I guess I should!

        10 months ago
  • Some thing i must be overlooking, where does his name jacksepticeye come from?

      10 months ago
    • His mum used to call him Jack as a nickname, and when he was younger he got an eye injury from playing football, which got infected and he got called Septiceye at school. Then the name was put together by his mates and it stuck apparently. It's...

      Read more
        10 months ago
    • Pretty much what said.

        10 months ago
  • I think he is doing a great job! I didnt let my five year old say some of the language... but its fair game Tea. To be sure to be sure 💯💦

      10 months ago
    • Totally understand that, don't need little ones running around cussing. But I enjoy watching his videos and listening to 'All The Way'. Helps good mood vibes.

        10 months ago