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YTD Stats

Some fun stats I found on my studio that might interest you. As of 12/20/19

2y ago

In 79 posts in 2019, I racked in about 33,400 views, 338 post bumps (this is excluding comment bumps, that brings it up to a little over 400 approximately.) and 94 comments.

Highest View Count: Universal Yums "Austria" with 7.1k views

Lowest View Count: (Repost) West African Peanut... (dish) with 10 views

Highest Bump Count: Autistic Eats with 20 bumps

Lowest Bump Count: too many at zero bumps (mostly reposts)

Highest Comment Count: Universal Yums "Greece" with 8 comments

Lowest Comment Count: too many once again at zero (a mix of reposts and OC [original content]

Wonder what 2020 will bring. Will jot down stats in the new year. Maybe to break

it down for each month in one big summary. As an autistic person, stats interest

me, so there it is.

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