Fast Food

Fast Food

Nothing quite hits the spot like fast food. Let us know what you're loving.

What are you eating?
What are you eating?
  • Stormzy’s career peaks as he’s gifted free Greggs for life

    How many sausage rolls can one person eat in a year...? Asking for a friend.

  • The psychos at YUM! are at it again with KFC Chicken & Donuts

    KFC Chicken & Donuts are being rolled out nationally after strong trial sales

  • What a brilliant invention by Walkers: crisps that are crispy. How do they do it? On the face of it it's a da...

  • Quiz: Spill the salt... How much sodium do these foods have?

    Do you know how much sodium your favorite foods have?

  • A kebab shop inside a London double decker bus? Yes please

    Kebabs and buses go hand in hand. One clever chap has married the two.

  • Hardee's BFC Thickburger; Another Example of 'Murica's Excess. And It Was Good!

    The cheese puck was actually good!

  • Only a true McDonald's fan will get 100% in this quiz

    Think you know everything about Mc D's?

  • Man eats McDonald’s buried in a garden for 14 months

    It’s certainly one way of avoiding the drive-thru queues.